Fad DietHollywood celebrities mostly go on these diets to lose weight quickly for a part in a soap or movie and this inspires us to try these fad diets out. Over the past year, there have been many fad diets in the market such as the Atkinson’s Diet, The South Beach diet etc. Recently, dieters were taking to solutions of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water as Beyonce had dropped 22 pounds after drinking this regularly.

However, most celebrities (including Beyonce) and medical experts do not recommend this form of controlling one’s diet.

Why do people take to fad diets?

Fad diets help one drop more number of pounds within a week or so. They are easy to follow as they prescribe you to consume only one or two forms of food. Moreover, they hardly advocate exercising which comes as a relief to most. There are genuine diet programs which work best for you when you follow them sincerely. Nutrisystem is one such acclaimed diet program and the nutrisystem discount code provided by the program is very popular among its dieters. Dieters are able to enjoy a budget friendly diet program using the discount codes.

The effort that needs to be put into watching weight is zilch in case of a fad diet which is why more people sign up for it. Celebrities who have tried these diets have shown dumbfounding results which convinces people more for the effectiveness of fad diets.

Top Fad Diets of the Day

Fad diets are much like fads- they simply die out after some time. There are some fad diets which found a lot of takers but in the end were abandoned.

The Baby Food Diet- Diet controllers were advised to consume jars of Gerber and other baby food products instead of proper meals. Even though the diet made followers lose 4-5 pounds in 5 days, they left them moody and hallucinating due to the high levels of sugar present.

Blood Type Diet- According to the blood type diet, a special meal plan is recommended for a particular blood group. For example, people belonging to O type blood group are encouraged to have meat but discouraged from consuming dairy products. This leads to loss of essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin B12, which are embodied in dairy products.

Why don’t dieticians recommend fad diets? 

Dieticians and health experts are not in favour of fad diets because they are unhealthy and cause harm to the body in the long run. Food stuffs prescribed under fad diets do not have any nutrition content. They simply provide calories and fats to the body to fuel regular functions. However, after sometime, deficiency diseases can occur which might be hard to correct.

The other problem associated with fad diets is the number of pounds dropped. Fad diets can make an individual lose around 10 pounds in a week, which can be quite harmful for the body. It can lead to loss of muscle mass and fatigue. A lot of the diets prescribe meagre portions of food which can leave one starving and depressed. Dieticians do not recommend anything more than 1-2 pounds of weight loss in a week.